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Safeguarded Home Pest Control

Family - Home Pest Control

Whenever you need home pest control services, trust Careful Exterminating Co., Inc. We have just the right products to clear out any pests that have invaded in no time and make your home a safe and pest free environment for your family again.

Residential Exterminating Process

In the city, we receive many calls concerning all types of pests, rodents, cockroaches, ants Etc... After homeowners call us, we go out to your home and inspect, identify, and eliminate the pest problem.  In these situations, we may perform exclusion or hole closing to block the pests from entering. We also may be utilizing traps, rodenticides, and insecticides to control them. We target and eliminate all types of pests using state approved and registered pesticides, also Eco friendly methods are available. We recommend regular service for residential properties.

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